With an astounding 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic and microplastics currently in the ocean we are continually looking at ways to repurpose and recycle.  GiveMeCocos are actively trying to do our bit by reducing plastic pollution.

We want to contribute to a sustainable future by repurposing 100% real coconut shells (a natural product that is often only partially used and then thrown away) in innovative ways. By repurposing coconut shells, we not only reduce waste but also create unique, eco-conscious products. 

In this blog, we will explore 3 exciting ways to repurpose coconut shells and inspire you to embrace sustainability while adding a touch of tropical charm to your everyday life.

1. Natural Home Decor

Coconut shells have an inherent beauty and rustic appeal that make them perfect to repurpose for natural home decor; such as candles and candle holders.

Coconut Candles 

 coconut candles, recycle, repurpose

Unique coconut candles made entirely by hand using recycled coconut shells, soy wax, delicious fragrances, and a crackling wooden wick. The wick provides a clean burn that fills the air with a feel-good fragrance without triggering any allergies.

Paradise Candle Holder

 candle holder, eco friendly, recycle

Handmade individually by artisans, which make each one unique in size, shape and colour. They are resistant and made with a lot of love, their glow will make you will feel inspired and transport you to your favourite holiday destination.

Pencil Organiser

Keep your desk organised and beautiful with a coconut shell! Just put your favourite pencils in it, you will love how it looks.

Key Holder

Losing your keys all the time? Use your coconut shell to store them and you'll never lose them again!

Brush Organiser

Makes the perfect makeup brushes holder, just add a few small pebbles or shells to hold them inside!

2. Functional Kitchenware

Give your kitchen a sustainable makeover by incorporating coconut shells into your kitchenware collection with bowls and cups. These kitchenware items are not only functional but also make for great conversation starters.

Coconut Bowls

 coconut bowls, recycle, reusable, 100% natural

Repurpose coconut shells into charming serving bowls or snack dishes. Not only are they visually appealing but also lightweight, durable, and perfect for entertaining guests. By purchasing these bowls, you are helping the planet and giving a special and unique touch to your food. 

Coconut Cups


You can also repurpose coconut shells as cups for refreshing beverages, creating a truly tropical drinking experience when enjoying your smoothies, favourite cocktails and much more!

3. Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening with repurposing coconut shells is an excellent way to support the environment while nurturing your green thumb. Oh and how gorgeous do they look?!

sustainable garden, recycled coconut bowls, 100% natural, coconut bowls

When finished with your GiveMeCocos Coconut Candle, you can repurpose the coconut shell into a planter. Succulents and coconuts are the perfect pair, they look so amazing together! You can plant your favourite succulent, flower, or herbs (basil, parsley, oregano) inside! Not only with these coconut planters add a touch of greenery to your living space, but also infuse it with a tropical vibes. Plus you'll stand out with something so unique!

By incorporating these ideas into our daily routines, we not only contribute to waste reduction but also embrace a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. So, let's get inspired!

We would love to hear your 'repurposed' ideas as well! Leave a comment below this blog so all our community can see your great ideas!

givemecocos, 100% natural, coconut bowls, recycle

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