Paradise Candle Holder


Indulge your senses and elevate your space with our beautiful fragrances

"Absolutely love these candles – look and smell amazing." Robyn


Gorgeous Coconut Candle Holder is made from 100% real coconut shells. Handmade individually by artisans, which makes each one unique in size, shape, colour. They are very resistant & made with a lot of love.

Suitable for tealights. 

This Coconut Candle Holder, featuring a palm tree design, takes you to a tropical island, you will feel inspired, happier, and as if on holiday every day. 

Our candle holders are designed with hand-carved openings in the shape of palm trees to let light filter throughout your home. Made with premium quality coconut shells, very strong and resistant. By purchasing it, you are helping the planet and giving a special and unique boho touch to your home. 

Gorgeous coconut candle holder to light up your personal space and elevate every day to perfection.

These Coconut Candle Holders make great gifts, can be used for home décor, and are perfect for centerpieces. Create an evocative tropical experience with this naturally beautiful coconut candle holder.

Safety First

At GiveMeCocos, we take candle safety seriously.

We want you to love every moment of your Coconut Candles, however, the use of candles requires caution and awareness of the associated risks. As coconut shells are not naturally fire-proof, please ensure you always follow these safety precautions.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire, hazard, or injury.

• Never leave coconut candles burning unattended or near anything flammable.
• Burn candles away from clothing, children, pets, drafts, vents & ceiling fans.
• Always burn on a heat-proof surface. DO NOT place your candle directly onto or near flammable or heat-sensitive surfaces such as glass or wooden furniture as the coconut shells get hot and may cause damage.
• Never extinguish the candle with water.
• Never move or touch a burning candle.
• Never burn a candle for more than 2 hours.
• Stop burning when 10mm of wax is left at the bottom of the coconut. Please DO NOT try to burn the wick past this point.
• Overburning a candle can compromise the candle’s safety.
• Never use coconut candles as a night light.
• Always store coconut candles in a cool, dry place below 25° Celsius and away from direct sunlight.
• Never allow candle flame to come in contact with the side of the coconut.
• Use common sense at all times (the same way you would with any potentially dangerous items such as gas bottles, lighters, etc).

We are not responsible in the event of failure of any of these instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joanne Kelly

Great value lovely

K. H.
Lovely coconuts

I enjoy my coconut candles and holder. Very unique.

Thank you so much Katherine!

Melissa Ingle
Beautiful and sustainable

I felt instantly happy when I lit my candle in this candle holder. Anything that would have ended up in land fill that can now sit beautifully and be used in my home for years to come is five stars from me.

Thank you so much Melissa! ❤️

Nette Torres
Amazing cococandleholder

I can’t believe GiveMeCocos would come up with this perfectly crafted coconut candle holder with amazing coconut 🌴 tree design!👍 It is very timely as it warms up my room on cold nights and makes my room romantically lighted. Thanks to GiveMeCocos to this brilliant idea using our natural environment friendly product👍👍

Thank you so much Nette! We are so happy to hear you love our new Coconut Candle HolderThank you for supporting us and being part of our mission. We are co-creating a positive environmental, economic and social impact in the world

Alaine Mc Mt Martha

Wow. What a BEAUTIFUL surprise I received today from Adela, Founder of Givemecocos - their new product COCONUT CANDLE HOLDER. Thank you so much Adela. I know they’re going to be a BIG HIT. I love mine and can’t wait to order more. I often thought ‘why can’t I buy the coconut shell and use as a candleholder?’ It’s as if you read my mind and manifested my thoughts lol. I’ve bought quite a few GiveMeCocos bowls, and candles, for myself, and for gifts - I LOVE the products, the inspiring quotes, and the ethos behind the Company. MAGICAL 😍

Thank you so much Alaine! We are so happy to hear you love our new Coconut Candle Holder. We can't thank you enough for all your support! ❤️We are co-creating a positive environmental, economic and social impact in the world, thank you for being part of our mission