About Us

Hi! We are GiveMeCocos

We are a proud small business that is an eco-friendly and sustainable Aussie Brand! We pride ourselves in delivering quality products that are sourced ethically and naturally handcrafted. While some things are a work in progress and we don’t always get everything right we stay focussed on being aligned with our 3 core brand values.

Every purchase you make has an impact and is supporting small businesses through to developing countries. Thank you for being part of our community.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Aussie Quality Sourced Ethically

Our Values


Prioritising sustainable practices throughout our entire product journey


Building and supporting a global community that makes conscious, sustainable choices


Creating opportunity for our vulnerable community

Our Initiatives

  • Sourcing our products from developing countries - our coconuts come from Vietnam!
  • Supporting Vietnamese Artisans
  • Replacing plastic with eco friendly alternatives
  • Consciously selecting sustainable packaging 
  • Partnering with Packforce who employ Australian workers with a physical or neurological disability
  • Sourcing Australian small business owners to help produce our products The Candle Counter and Madame Wick