Are you writing your list and checking it twice for Christmas gifts ideas that someone special will love this year? From the crystal lover, foodie, and everyone in-between. Then look no further, as we at GiveMeCocos have the perfect ideas guide for unique Christmas gifts that everyone on your list will love!

Here are our top 9 Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

1. Christmas Gift Idea for the Bestie:

If your best friend loves aromatherapy and candles, then our best selling and unique Affirmation Coconut Candle is the perfect gift for them this Christmas!  With 7 scents to choose from, and powerful words on the outside, you will be able to gift them the perfect candle that suits them best!

Coconut Candles 

2. Christmas Gift Idea for the Daily Affirmation Girly:

Affirmation Coconut Bowls Collection is an amazing Christmas gift for those who are a strong believer in the power of affirmations! These Coconut Bowls have a unique design with empowering affirmations on the outside, created by GiveMeCocos, to inspire them to consciously choose their focus and focus on what they want to attract. Click here to see what is included in the collection.


3. Christmas Gift Idea for the Crystal Lover:

Our popular Crystal Coconut Candle Set will make the most beautiful Christmas gift for the crystal lover in your life! Indulging in self-care with our beautiful scents and genuine crystals, there are no two Crystal Coconut Candles alike.

This gorgeous set includes: 1x Coconut Lime scented Amethyst Coconut Candle, 1x Vanilla Caramel scented Rose Quartz Coconut Candle and 1x Pink Champagne scented Citrine Coconut Candle as well as a FREE Exclusive Workbook, Manifestation Candle Ritual

This Christmas gift will allow the crystal lover to illuminate their intentions and manifest their dream life using this intentional Crystal Coconut Candle ritual✨

 Coconut Crystal Candle Set

4. Christmas Gift Idea for Mum:

Surprise Mum with our Premium Eco Gift Set that will look fantastic in her home! 

Designed with our most loved eco-friendly products, Mum will be inspired to healthy living with her food looking so fine in her Coconut Bowls, while having a positive impact on the environment with this amazing Christmas gift!

 Eco Friendly Bowl and Coconut Set

5. Christmas Gift Idea for the Foodie:

The foodie in your life will be able to create the ultimate meal indulgence at home when they receive these gorgeous Artisan Brass Dessert Spoons as a gift this Christmas. Each spoon is individually handmade by artisans, adding some extra fun to their food styling and will look stunning in any kitchen!

 Artisan Brass Dessert Spoons

6. Christmas Gift for the Home Decor Fanatic:

For the person who is all about interior design, this Paradise Candle Holder is a gorgeous Christmas gift for them this year! It is perfect for home decor - giving a special and unique boho touch to their home with its design of hand-carved openings in the shape of palm trees to let light filter throughout their home.

Gifting them this Paradise Candle Holder for Christmas will take them away to a tropical island and feel as if they're on holiday all year long!

paradise candle holder

7. Christmas Gift Idea for the Shiny Things Lover:

This Silver Glow Coco Collection will surely catch the eye of a shiny things lover as a gift this Christmas. Polished on the outside and painted with a beautiful silver lacquer finish on the inside - each bowl is unique and perfect for every meal; smoothies, salads, soups, nibbles and much more! This beautiful set includes:

✔ 2x Original size Coconut Bowl in Silver ✔ 2x Wooden Spoons ✔ 2x Wooden Forks ✔ 1x Premium Gift Box

Let their soul glow by gifting them with these luxurious Silver Coconut Bowls this Christmas.

 Silver Glow Coco Bowls

8. Christmas Gift Idea for the DIY Enthusiast:

For the person who loves to create, Coconut Bowl For DIY Candles is the perfect DIY Christmas gift! Already treated for fire resistance, all they need to do is add their own soy wax, essential oils or fragrance oils, and wooden wick for this fun little do-it-yourself project. The Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

 DIY Candle shell

9. Christmas Gift Idea for the Self-Gifter:

We all know that one person who loves gift cards! This GiveMeCocos Gift Card is the perfect way to show someone special that you appreciate them this Christmas. Can’t go wrong with the ultimate gift of choice - plus, it’s delivered straight to their inbox!

By purchasing our products, you are not only empowering yourself and others with the most beautiful and unique products, but you are also helping our planet, and giving back.

 GiveMeCocos gift voucher

We hope we’ve helped you tick off everyone off of your Christmas gift list! From your bestie, Mum to the one who loves the gift of choice.

We wish you a Merry Coco Christmas, with love.

The GiveMeCocos Team, xx

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