Plastic-free July is an initiative to reduce and eliminate world-wide plastic consumption.
GiveMeCocos is a completely plastic-free company, and we want to join this initiative by encouraging you, our beloved customer, to reduce (or eliminate) your plastic consumption.

Our products are made of coconut shells, wood, and bamboo, we rescue these materials to transform them into something valuable and useful for you. Our products are 100% plastic-free. We take care of the planet while encouraging healthy meals.

Few facts about plastic:
  • 50% of the plastic in the world is from packaging and disposable plastic

  • The world produces more than 400 million tons of plastic each year

  • From the plastic generated in 2015, 79% ended up in landfill, 12% was incinerated and only 9% was recycled

According to the UN, the most effective way to stop plastic waste is PREVENTION. When you stop consuming plastic, the waste definitely stops. This means that you can help to replace the plastic with reusable alternatives so you don’t have to consume single-use plastic anymore.

Plastic straws: you use them for 10 or 20 minutes and they take more than 180 years to decompose. 

Plastic Straws. Damaging The Ocean

As an alternative, you can always carry GiveMeCocos BAMBOO STRAWS with you. You can reuse them thousands of times and they take less than a year to decompose, also they are made from 100% recycled bamboo.

Bamboo Straws And Healthy Smoothie

Foamed plastic and takeaway food containers: you use them for less than 2 days and they take more than 1000 years to decompose.

Takeaway containers

You can always use GiveMeCocos COCONUT BOWLS and WOODEN SPOON, FORK, or CHOPSTICKS as an alternative. When you carry them with you and you ask your favourite lunch place to serve you in one of our coconut bowls, you stop the use of foamed plastic food containers. Coconut bowls take less than 8 years to decompose and they can be used infinite times.

Girls Enjoying Smoothie Bowls In A Coconut Bowl. Picnic


Coconut shells, bamboo,  and coconut tree wood are very resistant and strong materials. The best part, they don’t have an environmental impact. Organic waste takes an average of 4 years to decompose and all our products are from rescued recycled organic waste.

Always choose prevention of plastic usage and the GiveMeCocos alternative so you can have your healthy meals while saving the planet during (and after!) PlasticFreeJuly.

For more information about #plasticfreejuly click here

July 16, 2020

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