Did your SOY COCONUT CANDLE run out? No worries! Go here  to buy another one! But wait, what would you do with the coconut shell? Don’t throw it away! There are a lot of uses for coconut shells, you just need creativity and you can upcycle anything! 

First, clean the coconut up by scooping out any remaining wax, and here you have 6 things you can use the coconut shell for afterward. 


UPCYCLE YOUR GiveMeCocos CANDLES, Coconut Bowl, Coconut Shell
  1. Planters: Succulents and coconuts are the perfect couple, they look so good together it’smeant to be! You can plant your favourite succulent, flower, or herbs (basil, parsley, oregano) inside! 
  2. Pencil organiser: keep your desk organised and beautiful with a coconut shell! Just put your favourite pencils in it, you will love how it looks.
  3. Key holder: keep your fugitive keys in the same place, the coconut shell is a perfect spot for your keys. You will never lose them again because they will always be in your coconut shell. 
  4. Jewellery vase: leave a coconut shell on your bedside table as a jewellery vase, it looks so beautiful and keeps your everyday jewels in one place.
  5. Brush organiser: you can put inside some pebbles from your garden or pick up some on the beach, and make the perfect makeup brushes holder!
  6. Bonus! Centerpiece: you can fill the coconut shell with sand, seashells, and different coloured stones that you like and make the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table.

These are only a few ideas of what you could do for upcycling a coconut shell, is there any other way you upcycle them? Tell us! We can always add more to the list!

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July 08, 2020

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