When talking about sustainability, most people are not quite sure exactly what is this about and so a sustainable community looks like something even more confusing.

In our case, we use these specials words since they are meaningful to us and we want to be clear about their meaning.

For us, sustainability is mainly living (and producing) in a way in which our impact on the environment could be sustained over time. This means it is mandatory to take care of the people who are involved and is mandatory to take care of the environment itself. Respecting these pillars is a key component of everything we do and also represent our mission.  

On the other hand, we like speaking about community because this is the way we choose to live our values. This is how it makes sense for us. Sharing the road with people who follow the same dreams has helped us to make this mission much more meaningful and fun. There is nothing wrong with going alone, it is just that we prefer going together and hanging around with the ones who want to have the same personal impact as us. 

If you feel that this community could be a place for you, you are welcome to join us  (you could do this on our main page: givemecocos.com ). We hope to see around soon. 


July 27, 2019

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