Hii :)

Today, we want to tell you a little bit about us and about GiveMeCocos...  After a lot of work, we are finally launching this amazing project and we couldn't be happier!

We believe in loving what you do. We believe so strongly in this because without doing so, it is impossible to go on and face any number of problems. 

However, what really matters are not the problems but how we solve them and foremost why we do it. 

With this project, we want to say what we stand for... Our beliefs... What we want to create and share... Thus, every quote, on every coconut bowl was carefully thought out. For us, they are saying in writing what we want to transmit with all and each of our actions.

Living with passion, being connected with the beach and the sun, practising yoga, living in a sustainable way, having and transmitting good vibes, focusing ourselves on positive things, eating more plants or having a healthy lifestyle. 

All of them are part of the way we choose to live and the part of the beauty we want to transmit to our big community.

Because we really don’t consider you as a customer but as a family. In our big family, which is the GiveMeCocos community people live these values. 

If you are reading this text, you probably are feeling the same as us: that call to live in a more conscious way. We are waiting for you to join us! 

 See you soon :)



Friends Together, Team Work
May 08, 2019

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