Coconut Bowls Caring Tips And Tricks


Coconut bowls are a beautiful sustainable way of promoting healthy nutrition. As with every natural product, they need special attention every now and then. Coconut bowls are durable and resistant, and with good care you can extend your coconut bowl’s life. In this GiveMeCocos blog post we tell you how to take care of your coconut bowls.


How to clean coconut bowls

Prefer warm (not extremely hot), soapy water, always washing by hand.

Pro tip

Every 10 to 20 washes, polish your coconut bowl by rubbing some coconut oil inside and out of it, this will keep it beautiful, smooth and with a nice finish.

Things to avoid

Extremely hot or cold water: extreme temperatures could affect the coconut shell

Too hot foods: you can have warm meals but not extremely hot.

Dishwasher: do not wash your coconut bowl in the dishwasher, coconut bowls are resistant but delicate and could break.

Microwave: hot temperatures in the microwave could break your bowl, warm up your meals in a regular bowl before serving in your coconut bowl.

How long coconut bowls last

They really last a lifetime. However, it always helps to take a little care.

What are Coconut Bowls made from?

Every coconut bowl is handcrafted from real coconut plants.

I've noticed Coconut Bowls look different, is this normal?

Yes, everyone is unique! This is one of the reasons why we love them :)

Where can I buy Coconut Bowls?

You just need to choose your favourite one here :)

How To Take Care Of Coconut BowlsCoconut Bowls Live With Passion, Holding With A Hand
August 21, 2020

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