We know the problems of using plastics and how bad they are for the environment. They are dangerous to animals and wildlife, animals confuse plastic bags and straws with jellyfish and eat them by mistake. A really small percentage is recycled and the rest ends up in landfill.

There are lots of things you can do to replace plastic and start your zero-waste journey! In this week's blog post we bring you the top 5 alternatives to plastic that you should start using.

1. Shopping bags:
Shopping Bags Plastic Vs Sustainable Alternative

A great alternative to plastic bags are cotton bags. They are durable, washable, and you can reuse them infinite times.

2. Water bottles:

Plastic Water Bottle and Eco friendly Water Bottle

Stop using plastic water bottles, even the reusable plastic bottles have BPA which is a chemical they release into the water and is dangerous in the long term for your health. Instead, use metallic water bottles. Stainless steel can be recycled infinite times. Glass water bottles are a great option too.


3. Wrap:

Plastic Wrap And Bee Wax Wrap As An Alternative
Instead of using plastic wrap, start using beeswax wrap. You can DIY some with beeswax and old fabric that you have at home. Easy, cheap, and you help the environment.

4. Straws:

Plastic Straws And Sustainable Alternative GiveMeCocos Bamboo Straws

Nowadays lots of places have eliminated plastic straws :D but in case you want to use straws in your drinks, you can always carry bamboo straws with you. These ones are great because producing them is eco friendly and they take less than 5 years in degrade. You can get some here 


5. Takeaway containers:

Takeaway Containers Plastic And Sustainable Alternative

“Eco friendly” takeaway containers are terrible, they make you think they are recyclable but that carton has a very thin layer of plastic that makes them not recyclable (same with coffee cups), and non degradable. Instead, try coconut bowls, they are a rescued material from the coconut industry, saving thousands of tons of waste. Coconut shells are durable, resistant and you can reuse them infinite times. Check them out here

These are just a few ideas, but of course there are more! Like cutlery for example (forks, spoons, and chopsticks), go check these out  (here)

Let us know what other things you have replaced in your zero-waste transition!


August 17, 2020

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