Today we are so excited because we are celebrating not only our favourite product but also because we are supporting the values we stand for. Coconut is an incredible natural product. From a really pretty tree, it gives delicious food, refreshing beverage, its wood to create bowls and provides work to a countless number of families. It seems a lot already, isn't it? I think so... Personally, I also love the outline of the palm, it reminds me of the beach but this is just a personal extra  :)

However, there is more. For us, there are more than just these very important factors. Now, I am talking about what the coconut represents. I am talking about the coconut as a sustainable alternative to, for example, plastic and non-renewable options. Also, I am talking about the coconut industry as a way for many families to have fair work and to live with dignity. And finally, I am talking about its amazing health properties that allow people to live longer and better.

As you can see, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate today and we are so happy about that. At GiveMeCocos, we are really thankful for having the chance of doing what we are doing since we love it!


Palm trees



Finally, just letting you know that this is what our community is really about. If you feel the same as us, please join us. We will be more than happy to welcome you and maybe we can celebrate with a coconut margarita? Oops... can't promise that but it would be great, wouldn't it? ;)


Coconut Shells
September 02, 2019

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