Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we have designed the perfect valentine's day gift with our most loved eco-friendly products, unique eco goodies set packed with lots of love!🥥❤ 

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Valentine's Day gift, Including:

1 x  Soy Coconut Candle 

2 x Original Coconut Bowl with Quote

1 x Coco Cup with Quote (or Bamboo Cup if requested)

2 x Spoons

2 x Forks 

4 x Bamboo Straws + 1 Carry Pouch + 1 Cleaning Brush

1 x GF Vegan Chocolate -Coconut & Cashew Praline- by Gaia Tree

This Valentine's Day gift is a VERY SPECIAL EDITION, valued at $129.95, SAVE $40 with this GIFT SET, LIMITED STOCK. Don't miss out!

Valentine's Day Gift | GiveMeCocos


No Valentine?💕

Guess what, the best person to make you feel special on this day is yourself. You are perfect and you deserve self-love. Invest and treat yourself. We have created the perfect Valentine's Day gift with the intention that you connect with yourself, to remind you how perfect you are.

✨Self-love is your super power. Self-love at it's core is self-acceptance of who you are just as you are, the good and not-so-good parts of yourself, everything is perfect. 

Eat from these bowls every time you need to feel confident in your decisions and emotions.

There is no greater power than LOVE!  Love yourself first. How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you ❤

 We love natural indulged treats, that's why we have included a GF Vegan Chocolate -Coconut & Cashew Praline- by Gaia Tree in this Valentine's Gift Set. All their products are hand-made, local and 100% natural. Their treats taste like heaven and the best thing is that they are good for you! We love to support small business-like Gaia Tree because the founder, Gayithri, she is all about natural high quality food, and we admire her persistence for following her passion for nature, goodness and enjoyment. She is such an empowered and courageous woman entrepreneur that never give up her dreams. Her happy place is the kitchen and she is always creating and sharing amazing recipes for you to enjoy, we encourage you to check them out at Gaiatree.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, that's why we, as women, want to empower each other and we believe that helping and holding our hands, especially in difficult times, we will be unstoppable! And that's what love it's about for us. And here at GiveMeCocos, we have so much love to give! ❤

February 01, 2021

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