Looking for perfect and unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to show your mum your love and gratitude for her? Then look no further, as GiveMeCocos have designed the perfect gifts to treat your mum this Mother’s Day 2022!


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When it comes to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, the best Mother’s Day gift ideas are the most thoughtful and meaningful ones. That’s why we always support the concept of purchase with purpose. We believe we rise by lifting others.

Mother’s Day is about giving, sharing, loving and caring for our mum, as they do so much for us. It can be stressful to look for a Mother’s Day gift while managing everyday life duties, but we’re here to help take the stress out of buying gifts, so you can focus your energy in whatever makes you happy.

Together we can make a positive environmental, social and economic impact. Shop unique and sustainable Mother’s Day gifts handcrafted by artisans from developing countries (which allows us to support communities in need), and also products proudly made in Australia (supporting small local businesses). Artisan made ethical products are great gifts for those looking to buy something that reflects their values, whether that’s your or your recipients.

Not only will you help support communities in need and small local businesses, but you will also be helping to change the world for the better, when you choose where to donate your $1 from your sale to one charity of your choice.

Through our partnership with i=Change®, you can choose to support one of these three charities:

  • Seabin Project - Every $1 removes 1.2kg of plastic and debris from the sea

  • Plan Australia - Keep Rohingya children safe from trafficking

  • Hagar Australia - Empowering survivors after experiencing slavery, human trafficking or severe abuse

We want to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for your mum. WIth so many options, we know it can be difficult to pick out gifts that will truly show your love for her. So we’ve created this list of our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022:

1. Coconut Candles:

Coconut Candles GiveMeCocos

Mum will relax and feel empowered by these best selling and unique Coconut Candles - made entirely by hand using recycled coconut shells, soy wax, delicious fragrances and a crackling wooden wick. The wick provides a clean burn that fills the air with a feel-good fragrance without triggering any allergies.

Choose from:

✔ Palawan Tropical - Believe

✔ Kyoto Jasmine - Gratitude

✔ French Vanilla - Love

✔ Persian Lime - Inspire

✔ Maui Coconut - Dream

✔ Egyptian Spice - Abundance 

And you can spoil Mum with not just 1 candle but 3 candles with our special offer - BUY 2 COCONUT CANDLES & GET 1 FREE!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER so act quick!  

2. Crystal Coconut Candles

Crystal Coconut Candles - GiveMeCocos


For the mothers who love crystals and manifestation, we have the most beautiful candles ever - our popular Crystal Coconut Candles. They are made entirely by hand using recycled coconut shells, hand-poured with love in Sydney using the highest quality soy wax, delicious fragrances and genuine crystals - there are no two Crystal Coconut Candles alike.

These Crystal Coconut Candles are perfect for self care and gifts - Mum can manifest her dream life with the ultimate candle ritual.

Treat mum with the World’s First Crystal Infused Coconut Candles - sold individually, or as a set

Limited edition. Very Limited Units Available, don’t miss out!

3. Premium Eco Gift Set

Mother's Day Premium Eco Gift Set - GiveMeCocos


Can’t choose just one GiveMeCocos product to gift your mum? Then we have designed the perfect gift with our most loved eco-friendly products. Treat mum with this unique eco goodies set that will look fantastic in any kitchen!

The set includes:
✔ 1x Soy Coconut Candle
✔ 1x Reusable Vintage Cotton Candle Pouch
✔ 2x Original Coconut Bowl with quote
✔ 1x Coco Cup or Bamboo Cup with quote
✔ 2x Spoons
✔ 2x Forks
✔ 4x Bamboo Straws + 1 Carry Pouch + 1 Cleaning Brush
✔ 1x FREE Exclusive Mediterranean Inspired Vegan Recipes e-Book (instant download) valued at $25
✔ 1x New Premium Gift Box in blue

This is a very special edition - valued at $155.55, Save $65.60 with this $89.95 Premium Eco Gift Set

4. Artisan Brass Dessert Spoons

Artisan Brass Dessert Spoons - GiveMeCocos


The perfect gift for the foodie mum - create the ultimate meal indulgence at home this Mother’s Day with these gorgeous Artisan Brass Dessert Spoons! Each spoon is individually handmade by artisans - they come in a beautiful set of four spoons, and will look stunning in any kitchen.

The set includes:
✔ 1x Palm Tree Spoon
✔ 1x Pineapple Spoon
✔ 1x Moon Spoon
✔ 1x Sunshine Spoon
✔ 1x Gift Box

With this set, your mum will be reminded that she is powerful, beautiful, brilliant, and brave. Limited Edition - Don’t Miss Out!

5. Silver Glow Coco Collection

Silver Glow Coco Bowl Collection - Coconut Bowls


Let mum’s soul glow with these luxurious Silver Coconut Bowls - polished on the outside and painted with a beautiful silver lacquer finish on the inside. Inspire mum’s day and for her to reach her true brilliant potential with the unique design and empowering quote on the outside of the bowl.

Each bowl is unique and perfect for every meal; smoothies, salads, soups, buddha bowls, nibbles and much more!

The set includes:

✔ 2x Original size Coconut Bowl in Silver
✔ 2x Wooden Spoons
✔ 2x Wooden Forks
✔ 1x Premium Gift Box

This Mother’s Day gift is perfect for mums who love nature but also luxury. Save Now 24% with this beautiful Silver Glow Coconut Bowls Collection, buy now for only $49.95

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - GiveMeCocos


By purchasing our products you are not only empowering your mum with the most beautiful and unique products, but you are also helping our planet, and giving back.

You will be helping to support communities in need, small local business, change the world for the better with your $1 donation from your purchase to one charity of your choice, and supporting our partnership with a local social enterprise called Packforce for the preparation and shipping of our orders. 

Packforce is a member of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and employs Australian workers with a physical or neurological disability. Not surprisingly, the team is very much able! We believe that everyone should have the right to work, and we want to ensure that no one gets left behind. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas 2022 for mum don’t have to be difficult or expensive with GiveMeCocos. You can show your love for mum with empowering and unique gifts, while also being sustainable.

We wish you a lovely Mother’s Day, with love.

The GiveMeCocos Team, xx

April 28, 2022

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