The 8th of june is the day established by the United Nations as the WORLD OCEANS DAY to celebrate the ocean. Also to encourage and inspire action in our everyday life to protect it.

Turtle swimming in the ocean

Fun facts about the ocean:

  1. It is responsible for most of the climate on earth
  2. Keeps continents warm
  3. The majority of Earths life is aquatic
  4. Only 5% has been explored
  5. There are more historical artefacts under water than in all of the museums
  6. Produces 70% of Earth's oxygen!
  7. It is possible to find rivers beneath the ocean (water with different densities)
  8. Pacific Ocean contains more than 25,000 islands

The ocean represents more than 70% of the earth, it is very important we take action to protect our beautiful planet. Here you have 12 ways you can help the ocean!

  1. Do not use plastic bags! Most of them end up in landfills and into the water, and animals like turtles, fish or birds confuse them with jellyfish and eat them. 
  2. Stop using straws! Have you seen the video of the turtle? That happens more than people imagine! And not only with turtles, with smaller animals that eat the straws by mistake and then they cannot get the plastic out of their system, affecting them and eventually dying 😔 Instead, you can use metal straws or GIVEMECOCOS STRAWS! Go check them out!  Here
  3. Recycle! The classic way to reduce our waste is very important to help the ocean.
  4. Reuse! Give a second life to things you are thinking of getting rid of. Old t-shirts can be converted into a reusable bag. Glass containers can be used for anything. Just need a little creativity. 
  5. Conserve water! You can conserve and reutilize grey waters in your house, for gardening or into the toilet. This saves wastewater ending up in the ocean.
  6. Reduce pollutants! You can start using biodegradable items and not harmful cleaners in your house such as detergent, hand soap, shampoo, etc. They are everywhere! When you use non toxic chemicals, they are not harmful to the ocean's wildlife.
  7. Choose Wisely! Choose sustainable seafood when you are shopping and prefer packaging with less or no plastic.
  8. Reduce pollution! Prefer riding a bike, you will not only help the ocean but the entire planet! And you will start to feel better too 😃
  9. Use less Energy! Prefer energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.
  10. Fish responsibly! When you catch a juvenile fish, release it.
  11. Pick up garbage at the beach! Small actions can save millions of animals and environments ❤️
  12. Volunteer! You can always offer help to organizations that take care of the ocean.

What a great day to fall in love with the ocean and get to know the wonderful thing it does for the earth! Happy Oceans Day!

June 08, 2020

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