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Bowls for Corporate functions can be personalised for your business or special events

Our products would be a perfect match for your business. We are different from everyone else in the market since ours are the only ones designed with empowering quotes, to motivate your day and remind you how amazing you are!

For a unique touch, if you have any design, logo, quote or drawing that you would like to put on our products, we make it happen. We give it that special touch that makes it perfect for cafes, restaurants, hotels, corporate events, retail stores or special events… we would love to work with your business too! 

The minimum order to get wholesale prices is 25 bowls if they are from our collection or 100 if they are personalised. Delivery cost will depend on location and quantity.

Wholesale Coconut Bowls.

To make an enquiry, please complete this form below, and we’ll respond within 1 business day.