How big could be your impact giving up your plastic?

When listening to people talking about this, the first problem that appears is they really don't believe they can have a real impact. And we understand. Every potential action seems powerless. There are millions of people out there who really do not care. In this context, "how will I change anything?".

Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in the last sentences. However, it is also true that we are living in a world where everything we do is (to a certain degree) public and reach others. Everyone is watching at us, in both the bad things and in the goods ones and I believe, this is a really good thing. It is an opportunity.

Almost 15 years ago, back in Argentina, my brother just stopped me when I was throwing out the trash. The reason was I was not classifying it. At this point in time, in my country, people were just starting to do this kind of things, and there was so little awareness about its importance (regardless that looks pretty obvious now). At this moment I was confused since I really did not expect it; however, it made admired him for his attitude. As you can imagine, since then, I have been classifying my trash. It had a real impact on me. 

Even though I did not speak about plastic specifically, I put this on the title since it is one of the things that worry us the most. Taking care of the environment is part of our mission and plastic is tremendously harmful to the environment. Nevertheless, in our community, we believe that our example will inspire others and continue this positive reinforcement. We really believe in this change.

Please, if you haven't done it yet, join our community and be part of this inspirational and beautiful family that we called GiveMeCocos.